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Bubble Soccer Balls | Bubble Soccer For Sale 2016

Le 4 November 2015, 15:05 dans Humeurs 0

Best Bubble Soccer Suits 
Buy bubble Soccer is the world's largest suppliers of bubblesoccerballs and has several years of experience in producing bubbles. Today there are several operators offering bubbles that have poor quality and begins to gradually break down with time. Buy bubble soccer has developed the best quality of bubble soccers and ensures that each part keeps the best quality.

Bubble Soccer is an exciting new sport that works just like normal football with the exception that you are in a giant bubble. Which brings football to a whole new level, you can be tackled much as you like without it hurts and we promise a football game you'll never forget. Bubble Soccer is the perfect activity for bachelorette parties, bridal shower, birthday party and kickoff.

Bubble Bump Soccer and Houston Dynamo partner up and take the field together! Houston Dynamo, a professional men’s soccer team out of Houston, Texas has adopted Bubble Bump Soccer as part of their main half-time show. These events take place during their at-home matches. Adult and youth fans are selected to participate in short Bubble Bump Soccer games where participants run and bump around on the Dynamo’s field while trying to play the game of soccer. This silly spin on the game of soccer provides loads entertainment for those fans on and off the field. Houston Dynamo has decorated their Bubble Bump Soccer Balls in Blue and Orange to differentiate between teams. They have also included logos for both Houston Dynamo, their Men’s professional team, and the Houston Dash, their Women’s professional team. “Bubble Soccer has been a hit!” Says Darren Back, the Soccer Programs Manager for the Houston Dynamo. Bubble Bump Soccer has been successful for the program during the half-time shows, and they have now opened it up at their recreation park. Here they open it up and play mini pick-up games so that anyone and everyone can be part of the contagious fun that Bubble Bump Soccer provides!

Through more years in the business and hundreds of tests, we have been able to create a bubble that lasts a long time and is safe for the bubble soccer balls always work 

closely with customers from ordering to them using the bubbles. We adapt to always meet customer requirements and tailor the bubbles according to your wishes.

Bubble Soccer Balls Clean

Le 21 October 2015, 02:36 dans Humeurs 0

Bubbles Clean 
SANITIZING BUBBLES Keeping bubbles clean and sanitized is a topic of much discussion by bubble soccer balls businesses. We all want to keep bubbles clean and germ-free, but we want to avoid damage to the equipment with caustic chemicals like bleach. In an earlier post, we talked about some of the sanitizing products we’ve tried.

In this post, we want to introduce a promising product we’ve found for this purpose, under the advice of our friends in the textile-cleaning business.Hydrogen peroxide is a very effective, medical-grade disinfectant, and it has the advantage of being safe to people and materials, since it just evaporates off as hydrogen and oxygen.

The antimicrobial action of hydrogen peroxide can be enhanced by surfactants and organic acids. The resulting chemistry is known as Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide. A 2% solution, stabilized for extended use, achieves high-level disinfection in 5 minutes, and is suitable for disinfecting medical equipment made from hard plastic, such as in endoscopes.[18] The evidence available suggests that products based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, apart from being good germicides, are safer for humans and benign to the environment.

We had some bubbles that had been in the rain and sat bundled up wet for many days and became extremely stinky. (Lesson: Don’t ever leave wet bubbles bundled up more than 24 hours!) After failing with several products to disinfect and clean, including Lysol spray and Pine-Sol type floor cleaner, we finally achieved success by drenching the straps in hydrogen peroxide (and eventually moved on to use accelerated hydrogen peroxide).

Going forward, this will definitely be our go-to chemical for de-stinking straps in the shop, and we will also be using it in a spray bottle as a light, routine disinfectant of bubble straps, handles, and interiors. Wipes are also available as an option.

Accelerated hydrogen peroxide is available under various brand names, including Accel, which you can buy from here.

Happy cleaning!